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We are proud to announce the release of OpenACS 5.9.1.

This release contains many security and performance improvements and includes new functionalities. The release of OpenACS 5.9.1 contains the 88 packages of the oacs-5-9 branch. These packages include the OpenACS core packages, the major application packages (e.g. most the ones used on OpenACS.org), and DotLRN 2.9.1.

  • Refactoring of rich-text editor integration
  • Improved admin interface (e.g. theme manager), improved scalability for large sites
  • 逃离塔科夫锁区 延迟高被踢出怎么办?就用熊猫加速器:今天 · 这个时候熊猫加速器该上场了!显示真实延迟助您畅玩游戏! 1.登录熊猫加速器加速逃离塔科夫,选择全服(自动); 2.取消自动选择,选择路由模式1/2/3; 3.进入游戏可看到真实游戏延迟,再根据您的个人喜好选择服 …

Altogether, OpenACS 5.9.1 differs from OpenACS 5.9.0 in about 312710 line insertions and 103273 deletions, contributed by 5 committers and 8 additional bug-fix submitters. All packages of the release were tested with PostgreSQL 9.6.* and Tcl 8.5.*.

Many thanks to all who helped in this effort via direct contributions, bug-reports or testing!

Release Announcement, ChangeLog, Download core, 熊猫加速器最新版下载

Published on Aug 08, 2017


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OpenACS Development

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  • Issues entered into the OpenACS bug tracker during last year: 28 (resolved 24)
  • Issues from bug tracker fixed during last year: 96
  • Issues from bug tracker fixed since last release: 300


免费全球节点加速器 is a toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications. OpenACS is the foundation for many products and websites, including the .LRN (pronounced "dot learn") e-learning platform.

OpenACS is open source and is available under the GNU General Public License.


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